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written by: Kelly Weidner

Many families have a tough story that leads them to adoption, and Carol & Dave were no exception.  Carol & Dave went through infertility treatments and after their third in vitro fertilization they got pregnant.  Sadly, Abby was delivered stillborn on January 5, 2014.  Through their grief and loss they decided to put a hold on infertility treatments and look towards adoption.  Carol & Dave came to our information seminar on May 8, 2014, still raw and emotional from the loss of their daughter.  Feeling more confident in their decision to pursue adoption, they decided to join our FITT program on May 28, 2014.

Carol & Dave were financially at their limit with all the costs of infertility treatments, and were actively pursuing grants to help offset the cost of their adoption.  On June 5, 2014 they received a call from Help Us Adopt that they were the lucky recipients of a $15,000 adoption grant!  They were overjoyed!

And in just one short month later, they received another life changing call.  This time it was from Sarah…a baby girl had just been born and her birthmother was choosing adoption. They submitted their profile and were chosen.  “When chosen, we felt extremely grateful.  We didn’t expect to be matched so quickly!”  On July 1, 2014, Carol & Dave rushed to the hospital to meet Robin, their birthmother, and Haley, their new baby girl.  “When we held Haley for the first time we felt a rush of warmth and love. It felt so right. She was meant for us. We were both filled with pure joy and happiness. We couldn’t believe this moment had come.”

It has been over a month since Carol, Dave and Haley came home from the hospital, and they couldn’t be better.  “Parenthood is everything we imagined it to be and more. Haley’s birthmother chose to give us this most precious gift. For that we are forever thankful. We look into our daughter’s eyes and thank God for this precious miracle every day… Actually, every second!”

(names changed for privacy)