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Haven Foster Care Program FAQ’s

Because answers exist only to questions…
I live in Montana. Can you work with foster families outside of Pennsylvania?


At this time, Haven Adoptions is only licensed in Pennsylvania and is only accepting foster care families that live in Bucks or Montgomery county in Pennsylvania. If you are located in another state, we recommend contacting your local Office of Children and Youth for foster care agencies in your area.


Are foster care placements only temporary?


Yes, many foster care placements are only temporary, to give the biological family a chance for reunification. Haven Adoptions, however, is focusing on working with families through our foster care program, and our goal is to find permanency for the children we
work with. At this time, we are looking for foster families who are open to adoption as a possible outcome of placement.

Can we become a foster family if we already have children?

Absolutely. Many foster families already have children in their home. In Pennsylvania, state law allows up to six children in any foster approved home, if space allows.

How much does foster care cost?

Families looking to provide foster care are not charged any fees. Their home study and  trainings are free, and they are provided with support and advocacy through Haven’s experienced case managers at no cost. When foster families go through the process of becoming adoptive parents, there may be legal fees to finalize the adoption that will not be covered by your county, but usually they are covered by grants.

How does Haven Adoptions match children with foster families?


Haven Adoptions receives referrals directly from individual counties in Southeastern PA. Based on the specifics of the child or children’s needs and wishes and the biological parents’ situation, Haven’s trained caseworkers will identify one of its home study approved families that they believe is the best match for the child. Haven will contact the family and provide them with any and all information about the child or children that has been referred. If the family wishes to move forward, the child or children will be placed with the family.


I heard adopting from foster care is a really long process. How long will it take me to adopt a child through the foster care program?


The process of adopting through foster care can have many twists and turns, and there is no one set time frame for how long this process will take. Factors that effect the time frame include: whether either of the biological parent’s rights have already been terminated, whether there is the potential for a kinship placement (relative placement), and whether the child has siblings and their status in the foster care system. However, with concurrent planning guidelines, the potential for a foster family to adopt a child placed in their home should occur within 3 months of the termination of the biological parents’ rights.