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Andy and Liz

Liz and Andy

Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents of your child.  This is a moment we have been looking forward to from the day we decided to spend our lives together.  We are married and have been together for five years. Even before we got married, we knew that adoption would be our path to forming a family and are so happy that time is finally here!  Our family and friends are excited to show their love and support for your child.  Thank you again for making this a possibility for us.

Our Family

Andy comes from a large family that is spread out over the United States.  Every year there are more cousins for our eventual child to meet at the next family reunion.  We are close-knit and celebrate our diverse background, and Andy’s family includes two adopted siblings and multiracial in laws, nieces, and nephews.

Liz’s family is small and just as close.  We get together with her sister and parents at least once a year.  They are an entire family of classical musicians and music teachers – very different than Andy’s upbringing on a farm!

Our Lives Together

Andy is an engineer and is happy with his work.  One of the best perks of his employment is the predictable work weeks which leave his evenings and weekends free for exploring hobbies.  His favorite evening pass time is cooking dinner; it is so relaxing and rewarding to make a home cooked meal from scratch.

Liz works as both a music teacher and freelance musician.  Her schedule is the opposite of Andy’s – very flexible and different from week to week.  This freedom means she can prioritize her day to what she values most – raising a child.

Our Travels

Our vacations alternate between relaxing escapes and exciting adventures.  When it’s time to take a week to relax and recharge, our favorite place is the Caribbean.  We also love to explore and learn about the world around us, traveling throughout the United States and Europe.  Our favorite weekend getaway is camping.

Both of us grew up in rural towns and love to get out into the woods several times a year.  We look forward to showing your child the beauty and simplicity of nature.

Our Home

We live in a nice neighborhood in a multicultural area.  It is within walking distance of the school where Liz teaches music as well as a wonderful park.  Our home is small and we love it.  We have decorated with things we bought at street fairs or souvenirs from trips – little memories of our adventures together.

One of our favorite times in the neighborhood is Halloween night.  Up and down the block, everyone sits on their front porch playing music and wearing costumes while hundreds of children file from house to house collecting candy.  Last year we gave out nearly 20 pounds of chocolate!

We have dozens of friends who live within a few blocks of us.  It is nice running into people on the sidewalk or having somewhere to borrow a cup of sugar.

Our Future

Thank you so much for this incredible sacrifice. You are doing a wonderful and selfless thing, and we will do anything to make sure your child has a loving and happy home. Everyone in our lives is prepared to welcome your child with open arms and will support them through their upbringing.  We are very excited to meet you and get to know you!