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Shana and Jim

Shana & Jim

Thank you for considering your choices and taking the time to learn about our family.  We admire your love, selflessness, and courage in considering an adoption plan. We cannot fully understand how hard this decision will be or how you are feeling at this moment. We will tell you our story and maybe that will help you in making your choice. We are very much looking forward to growing our family through adoption and are so thankful for this opportunity.  The child we bring into our family will be so loved and cherished and will understand their unique story – the way we became a family and the amazing love you showed them.

We met shortly after high school, and after years of friendship started dating and were married 7 years ago. We have a 4-year old son James who is the light of our lives. He is a beautiful, smart, playful, and energetic kid, who loves his friends, family and having fun. For the past few years, we have been trying to have another child to make our family complete and have had difficulty getting pregnant. We are pursuing adoption, as we seek to be a forever family for a child, to have a sibling for James to love, play and grow with, and for us to nurture and love unconditionally.

A Few Things About Us


We are very fortunate to both have our loving families nearby, with lots of grandparents, aunts and uncles, and a large, extended family with many cousins and family friends who are great sources of joy, laughter, and support.  We have several family members in our immediate family who are adopted; we have a deep appreciation and gratefulness that their birth mothers chose for them to be in our family.  We enjoy holidays and birthdays, vacations, Sunday dinners and lots of great times with our families and we are so thankful for their consistent support.

Favorite Vacation

A few years ago, after we were given news that we may not be able to have another child, we made a decision to make the most of the time we have together, and used the money we were considering for fertility treatments to purchase a vacation home in the “mountains”. This has been a great blessing for us, and we get there every chance we can to spend quality time as a family, exploring the outdoors, playing games, and just relaxing and enjoying life.


Jim is a project manager who has been with his company for almost 15 years; Shana is an attorney who has been at her job for 10 years.  Both of us work nearby and have flexibility which will permit us to be present and attentive to our children’s needs.

Our Family Life

We have a very happy, busy life, filled with celebrations with family and friends, sports and activities for James, family time, and enjoying each other’s company. Holidays are a big deal at our house. We host Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, July 4th & Halloween and are thankful to have family & friends who celebrate with us.  For birthdays, we get together with our friends and family, with cake, ice cream, games, and gifts. These truly are the best days and we very much look forward to having these celebrations for our future adoptive child.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and learn more about our family. We have so much to offer as parents and are committed to providing a beautiful and loving life to our future adoptive child.  We are so ready to open our hearts, home, and family to a second child. Thank you again for considering us and we promise we will always cherish you and honor your wishes for your childWe wish you all the best.


Shana and Jim