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Jordan and Kate are matched!

Hi, we are Kate and Jordan!
In the midst of what we know is an emotional journey for you, we are so grateful that you’re considering us. It’s tough to express in a few words how much we admire your strength and courage in taking this brave step.

We’ve been married for almost eight years, and we truly find our greatest joy in each other! We’ve always wanted to grow our family and add to that joy by becoming parents. While our path to parenthood has been difficult in navigating infertility, we believe the struggle has only strengthened our love for each other.

We knew before we were married that adoption may be the path for us to realize the dream of being parents. We are humbled and excited by the opportunity to embrace this journey. Our friends and family could not be more thrilled about and supportive of our decision to adopt, and along with us, eagerly await welcoming a child with joy and love.

We fully understand that while the gift of adoption is beautiful, there is also sacrifice – and it’s our desire to help your precious child understand their complete story throughout their life, and that includes the immense love you have for them.

Thank you again for the time you’ve taken to consider us. We wish you peace in the days ahead.
– Kate & Jordan

Our families
We both come from large families with whom we are very close! Even though we don’t live in the same state as our immediate families, we frequently visit, and in between trips we enjoy FaceTiming and Skyping them. Kate is the oldest of five brothers and sisters, and Jordan is the youngest of three. We very much enjoy spending time with our four wonderful nieces and nephews, in particular!

We’ve worked hard to establish our careers, and find a lot of fulfillment a job well done! Jordan is a financial advisor, and Kate is a contract negotiator.

Favorite Vacations
Travel is one of our favorite things to do together! We’ve been all over the world – London, Singapore, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland and Poland. We’ve also spent time traveling in the US, and our favorite spot is Yosemite National Park in California. It’s our happy place! We feel that exploring new places and understanding different cultures is so important, and we hope to use travel as an opportunity to teach your child about the world in which they live.

Jordan’s Favorites
FAVORITE FOOD: Mac ‘n cheese
FAVORITE DATE: Dinner at an outdoor café
FAVORITE HOBBY: Home remodeling projects

Kate’s Favorites
FAVORITE MOVIE: The Royal Tenenbaums
FAVORITE DATE: Exploring a new neighborhood or city

Our Family!

About Jordan:
It’s hard to describe in a few words the life, energy and joy that Jordan has! He has an outgoing nature, quick wit and a wonderful sense of humor. People quickly feel at ease with Jordan, and he truly can make friends with anyone. He’s perceptive of others’ feelings, hard-working and tenacious. He’s a rock in our family, and adored by his nieces and nephews.

About Kate:
Kate is an exceptionally thoughtful, caring and nurturing person. She’s constantly perceiving the needs and wants of everyone around her, and the lengths she goes to serve them meets no bounds – whether in the context of work, friendship, or family, anybody who has encountered her has been blessed by her selflessly serving them.

About Fritz:
Fritz is our friendly, affectionate and goofy dog! He’s six years old and brings us so much joy and laughter. He’s extremely sweet with children, and loves giving snuggles and kisses to our nieces and nephews. Fritz will be a wonderful companion and playmate for your child.

Home and Community
We recently moved into what we feel is our “forever home.” We love our house! We have four bedrooms and three and a half baths, which is perfect for our frequently visiting family. Our home is in an established neighborhood with many young families and children. We’re nestled in beautiful rolling hills and woods, and love enjoying all that nature has to offer. We love the two small towns we’re near, and spend lots of time walking the quaint streets, attending festivals, being involved in the community and enjoying the nearby parks and nature preserves. Our nearby schools are some of the best in the state! We can’t wait to offer this wonderful community to your child.

Thank you!
We are so grateful that you’ve taken the time to consider us. While we can’t begin to understand all of the emotions you are dealing with in making this decision, we offer our profound respect and admiration of the love you have for your child. We welcome the opportunity to connect with you, and to get to know one another better.
– Kate & Jordan

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