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Rob and Rachel are matched!

We want you to know how grateful we are that you would take the time to learn about our family!  We are Rob and Rachel and have a sweet and energetic son, Lucas. We have been together for over twelve years and have been married for nine.  It has been a wonderful journey. We love to laugh, take memorable vacations, and spend time with family and friends.

Adoption has been a conversation in our home for many years. We had no idea, at the time, that we would be diagnosed with secondary infertility and told that IVF was our only option to attempt to carry a second pregnancy.  We knew immediately this was not an option for us, and it was with much respect and consideration that we decided to pursue our dream of adoption.

We understand the uniqueness of a family grown by adoption. We have several friends who have grown their family this way, and we are overjoyed with the opportunity to do the same.  Your child will be so loved and cherished and will understand their unique story – the way we became a family and the amazing love you have for them.

We hope to give you an idea of what a child’s future would be like with us. We know in our hearts we can give a child a wonderful life as we have so much to offer through all the stages of their life.

Meet Rob:

Family:  I am the oldest of three.  My brother and his wife live close by and spend a lot of time with Lucas. My sister is newly married and living in Ohio, where she went to college.  My parents have been together for nearly 36 years and live a town away.

Career: I have been working in public accounting since I graduated from college in 2006.  While it is a demanding career, I love what I do and have found it to be flexible in allowing me to make time for family and friends.

Places Traveled:  Puerto Vallarta, Aruba, Italy, Cancun,

Puerto Rico, St. Kitts & Ukraine, Disney World & Nashville

Rob’s Favorites:
Food – Italian
TV Show – Mad Men
Music – Country
Hobbies – Golfing, Traveling & Watching Sports


Meet Rachel:

Family: My parents have been married for almost 39 years.  I am the youngest of three.  My sister and her husband have two adventurous girls and my brother and his wife have three sweet girls!  They all live nearby along with my parents.  It’s been wonderful to have family close by!

Career: I work part-time in Real Estate.  It has been extremely flexible, and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to work part-time while raising a family.

Places Traveled:  Germany, Switzerland, Puerto Vallarta, Aruba & Italy.

Rachel’s Favorites:

Food – Mexican
TV Show – Parenthood
Music – Country
Hobbies – Listening to Music, Summer Concerts, Decorating & Cooking.


Our Family: 

Rob’s family Rob’s family is made up of such sweet and loving people throughout his immediate and extended family. We usually take a family trip with Rob’s family each year. We’ve toured Italy together, enjoyed the beauty of California, spent many weeks at the beach, and last year we spent days along the lake with our nights around a campfire. We spend every Christmas Eve together cooking dinner, laughing, and reflecting on another blessed year together.

Rachel’s family Rachel’s family is all close by and there are lots of nieces to spoil! The cousins love to play together and range in age from 1 to 13! One recent highlight was being able to spend a week together at the beach to celebrate Mom’s/Mimi’s 60th birthday. Every year we visit a local tree farm together to cut down our Christmas trees. We also get to spend Christmas day as a family which is always precious time.


Home & Community:
We live in a beautiful town that holds a farmland charm while still having today’s conveniences (we couldn’t live without Target & Costco!).  We love going to the farm stand to pick up milk in glass bottles and farm fresh eggs, and during the spring/summer/fall are members of a CSA where weekly we cut fresh flowers and pick up delicious vegetables.  In the spring, we are able to pick (and eat!) the best strawberries in town.   During the fall there are many fall festivals to attend, it’s one of our favorite yearly trips!

We live in a smaller sized community with lots of friendly neighbors and children.  During the warmer nights our favorite thing to do is take walks together. We also love to drive to our local park where there is never a shortage of fun things to do.

We have a great group of friends who all feel like family.  We have been members of our church since childhood, where we currently attend weekly, and serve together in the children’s ministry.  Rachel is also a member of a local group of moms.  The women are able to get refreshed, encourage and support one another, and also get creative making useful crafts.


Thank you!
Words cannot express our thankfulness for the time you have spent learning a bit about our background and journey!  We truly cherish your thought and consideration, and genuinely wish you the best in your decision.

Rob & Rachel