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Seth and Shana

Hey! We’re Seth and Shana and we first want to send you our thanks and appreciation. We cannot begin to imagine the emotions you are sorting through at this time and we want to assure you we have incredible respect and admiration for the love you have for your child. We wish you nothing but the best in your journey.

How We Met

We met in 2008 during our first year in graduate school. Following a Thanksgiving feast, we connected through a mutual friend exploring a Christmas light display at the zoo. Our personalities complemented each other and it was like we were old friends from the start. We were immediately inseparable and on our first real date, we ate Chinese food and watched Wall-E. Shana fell asleep that night and still hasn’t seen the ending.

All About Shana

As a first-generation Portuguese-American, all I have ever known is my big, loud, and loving family. Which is why family has always been my priority number one. I’m a true science nerd at heart. (Ask all our pets who are named after famous scientists!) I enjoy being outdoors and exploring. I love to bake and dive into DIY projects. Some of my happiest moments have been our game nights with friends and trying new foods. However, I also love routines and eating big bowls of cereal for dinner.

Shana’s Career

I am a forensic chemistry professor working for a non-profit education center where I teach courses for local universities. I love interacting with students and watching them learn concepts and techniques.

Shana’s Favorites

Food: Cereal, bananas, chocolate

Movie: The Princess Bride

Day of the week: Saturday

Song: “You and I” – Ingrid Michaelson

Season: Fall – crunchy leaves, tea, and sweatshirts

Favorite Memory: Visiting The Grand Canyon

All About Seth

Deep down inside I’m still a big kid at heart. I love to laugh and to have fun and I try to bring humor with me wherever I go. At the end of the day, I would do anything to make those I love happy. I enjoy working with my hands and really appreciate bringing Shana’s creative ideas to life.

Seth’s Career

I am living every kid’s dream of having x-ray vision! Well, I work with scientific instruments that use x-rays to create detailed three-dimensional models of everything from animals, electronics, food, and rocks. My employer is a small, family-focused company allowing me a flexible work schedule to meet the demands of raising a family. 

Seth’s Favorites

Color: Green

Food: Pork chops, cheeseburger, falafel

Movie: School Of Rock

Day of the week: Saturday

Song: “I’ll Follow You Into the Dark” – Deathcab for Cutie

Season: Fall, apple picking season, cool weather, and camping

Favorite Memory: Honeymoon adventures around Europe

Our Hobbies

Seth practices his dad jokes pretty much every day. He’s also quite the handyman. From home renovations to cooking, he has yet to meet a challenge that he hasn’t conquered. Seth loves hockey and is so excited to teach a child about winter sports that he has already purchased a pair of toddler skates!

Shana bakes when she’s happy, sad, excited, or stressed. Growing up in a big family, she learned the important role family plays in your life and how much love and food go hand in hand. Shana also doodles all the time and often leaves them on Post-It notes for Seth. She’s even drawn a Dr. Seuss inspired scene on the chalkboard in our nursery!

Our Animals

We have three animals – two cats and a dog. Tesla has amazingly soft fur and is the boss of the house. Fermi is our little court jester, always up to trouble and making us laugh when he begs for belly rubs. Rosalind is the princess dog of the house and is the most lovable and loyal dog.

Our Home and Community 

We live in a lively, suburban neighborhood with a diverse range of families. We have a large yard and spend a lot of time on our covered patio enjoying some fresh air. Most summer Saturdays we enjoy walking the dog down the street to the farmers market for breakfast. For rainy days, we have many cozy places to relax with a good book or a movie and explore our creativity. We’ve been in the neighborhood for a few months now and are enjoying meeting all our neighbors. The local swimming pool and several parks are also within walking distance. We also live near a regional rail stop and enjoy riding into Philadelphia to visit museums, zoos, and special events.

What Led Us to Adoption

Seth proposed at the Grand Canyon and we married in October of 2014. When we were ready to begin a family, we were faced with some health complications preventing Shana from safely having children. After a lot of thought and prayer, we believe that growing our family through adoption is what we are called to do. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and for considering us to join you on your journey. We can’t wait to raise a child who gains strength from knowing the love of their birth family and is proud of their unique story.

Thank you!

We sincerely thank you for reading our profile. We feel incredibly lucky to be considered as parents for your child. You are an amazing and strong person, and we understand that your decision comes from a place filled with love. We would love to talk or meet with you in person if you have other questions or to get to know us better. Whatever decision you make, it will be great and we send you all of our best wishes filled with love.

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